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artstravers “Ateliers Ouverts” – artstravers

artstravers “Ateliers Ouverts”


May 21, 2023    
14:00 – 20:00

During “Ateliers Ouverts” all houses are open and the artist Eric Androa Mindre Kolo is present.

The hosts:inside are also present, Mimi von Moos welcomes at the bar in le ventre, Martin Burr in the half-timbered, under the wind room is open Café RE.

The visitors:inside are invited to move in the landscape space enclosed by the three houses, half-timbered, wind room and le ventre/synagogue. For this, we recommend using the walkway over the Rosenberg, where there may be a performance by Eric Androa Mindre Kolo.

The concrete program for “Ateliers Ouverts” will be communicated shortly via this website.






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