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artstravers #2 – artstravers

artstravers #2

Cultural encounters in the Dreyeckland – rhizomes artistiques en action


Eric Androa Mindre Kolo

Performances Live Acts Interventions

12.05. – 18.06.2023

An initiative of le ventre and Fachwerk Allschwil in collaboration with Accélérateurs de Particules and Ateliers Ouverts


artstravers is a cross-border art event that takes place annually in public space and in the cultural buildings le ventre/Synagogue Hegenheim(F), Fachwerk Allschwil and Windzimmer of the Kunsthalle Allschwil (CH).

artstravers is dedicated to the contemplation of the landscape and at the same time to the contemplation of ourselves in the landscape. artstravers questions our culturally trained gaze and explores new forms of relationships in, with, and about the landscape.

The organization is open and network-friendly towards those cultural actors who are negotiating similar issues at the same time. The simultaneity of transformative impulses is to be made visible in order to intensify encounters and exchanges across borders.


Landscape in art, like portraiture, is a subject that remains ever relevant.

The landscape belongs to each person in his own way. We love the landscape that we carry within us, that we recognize. It gives us a sense of connection and makes us feel calm.

But what is it like when your own landscape is unreachably far away and instead you find yourself in a foreign landscape that seems to belong to foreign people?

This year artstravers sees itself mainly as a host for the artist Eric Androa Mindre Kolo from Strasbourg. He was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As an art student, he came to Strasbourg through an exchange program, where he now lives and works.His artistic work can be experienced through performances and artistic interventions in public spaces and is also expressed in collages, drawings and objects.

Androa intensely relates to the places and landscapes through which he moves. He looks at them, studies them, reacts to them and projects the landscape of longing around his hometown ARU, which is unreachably far away, onto the local landscape. He finds in it connecting anchors through which his landscape can be drawn over the local one and he fixes this overlay through his body, with his words and images.

“In his performances, Androa Mindre Kolo sees the body as a transmitter and receiver of emotions, but also of events and conflicts that permeate the world. His posture, gestures, and the accessories he makes – everyday objects alienated from their function – contribute to making this kind of perception palpable. A poetics that questions public space,” IrĂšne Filiberti wrote about Eric Androa in 2016.


The residency will take place from May 12 to June 18 in HĂ©genheim, Allschwil, Basel and in public spaces. Eric Androa Mindre Kolo’s workspace stretches across the landscape from one house to the next. He can use the Fachwerk as a performance and working space, live and work in the Hegenheim Synagogue, and use the Windzimmer of the Kunsthalle Allschwil for performance or other forms of artistic encounter. The path between the houses and their surroundings are also part of it.

During “Ateliers Ouverts” all houses will be open for visitors. Where the artist will be then, we do not know yet.


The prelude of artstravers is the round table, for which we specifically invite people who might be interesting for the guest and vice versa. First, Eric Androa Mindre Kolo, will be given the opportunity to interview his host:inside and vice versa. Later, the invited guests are introduced to the round. artstravers invites all participants to brunch.

May 13, 10:30 – 13:30h

Fachwerk Allschwil: Welcome brunch for guest artist Eric Androa Mindre Kolo. Exchange, discussions with colleagues, experts and other interested people.

13, 14, 20, 21 May from 14 – 20h

Eric Androa Mindre Kolo from Strasbourg

18 June, 18h

le ventre/Synagogue HĂ©genheim: Finissage of Artstravers#2 and end of the artist residency of Eric Androa Mindre Kolo.

We announce short-term, loose and informal events on the website and via social media.


May 8, 15 and 22, from 18h30 to 21h

Trinationales Umweltzentrum TRUZ, Weil am Rhein: with Martin Burr: “Reading the landscape”.

May 12, 17h

Opening ceremony “Ateliers Ouverts” at the Bastion, Strasbourg with a performance by Eric Androa Mindre Kolo.

May 25, 18:30 to 21h

TRUZ, Weil am Rhein: Course by Victor Saudan, “Read – experience – write nature poetry yourself”.

May 31, 18:30h

Kleines Klingenthal in Basel: Mimi von Moos presents the project le ventre/Synagogue HĂ©genheim accompanied by Eric Androa Mindre Kolo and Martin Burr.

18 June, 14h

Singisen Forum Muri (AG) in the exhibition Sedimenting, Crystallizing, Condensing: Work talk with Mimi von Moos, Brigitt BĂŒrgi and Max Treier, moderated by Sadhyo Niederberger on the topic: Laying traces in the landscape. Present: Eric Androa Mindre Kolo and Martin Burr, further accompaniment from the Basel area is desired.
For group travel, please register by June 5: