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équipe arts travers

who we are

Mimi von Moos (*1969, Lucerne) startet her career as designer of jewelry. She studied visual art at the School of Design and Art in Basel and has been working since 2011 as a freelance artist. Mimi von Moos lives and works in Basel and Rotterdam. She uses the method of artistic research, conceptual art and poetry to address questions of aesthetics. At the same time, she is committed to establishing spaces for meeting, exchange, discourse and research in art.

Martin Burr (*1973 Bâle), réalisateur, is interested in virtual virtuosity. He studied in the academies of music, art, theater and dance in the Netherlands, founded workshops for the arts and sciences and cultivated a know-how for the construction, the stage, the image and biennials.

Victor Saudan After studying French and German literature and linguistics at the universities of Geneva, Basel, Berlin and Paris, doctorate in the field of the acquisition of language and culture in the context of multilingualism. Professor of French linguistics and literature at the University of Basel and at the University of Teacher Education in Lucerne For these services rendered to the French language and to Francophone cultures, he was decorated by the French State in 2005 and in 2017 with the Order of Academic Palms. Alongside his academic career, he has been active since 1985 as a writer and poet often in interdisciplinary projects with music, dance, painting or performance. Since 2020, he is dedicated exclusively to his artistic work. To date, he has published two collections of poetry with the Petit Vehicule editions in Nantes: Ancrages 2019 and Intervals 2021, and a third collection, Lieux Dits, will be published in the summer of 2022. He publishes regularly poems in the Alsacienne revue of Littérature (RAL) and in the international revue on the Francopolis Internet. He lives since 1988 in Paris and since 2002 also
in Biederthal in Alsace, where he co-organizes and realizes since 2005, as president of the cultural association ART-TERRE, many cultural, ecological and social events, in particular the Trinational Days of Poetry of Biederthal which take place every year.

From these encounters, presentations and walks will emerge a pilot model for a landscape of research and triregional artistic education.
The ART TRAVERS #1 event presented here is therefore a prelude to other events in the perimeter of the art centers the belly and FABRIKculture in Hegenheim and Fachwerk and Windzimmer in Allschwil, with planned links with other actors in the region. of the three countries (in particular the German part, currently under-represented), and with other research and training projects.