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at the L√ľtzelbach – artstravers

at the L√ľtzelbach

The brook gurgles continuously. Spring makes the birds sing. Happy Easter. The juicy leaves of the yellow stream flowers completely cover the ground – countless spiders are wandering around on them. You see They see
all exactly the same. Probably siblings who will now spread out in the area. It’s nice to sit here. Gurgling brooks are simply beautiful. Flowers are blooming everywhere. It’s good to be happy about it. I give myself into the brook and trickle meandering away. Countless buttercups stretch their yellow faces towards the sun, anemones spread their long white petals wide to receive as much sunlight as possible. Everyone smiles at the sun, only the brook trickles in the opposite direction down to the village, to the next brook, together with it to the river and then on the long journey to the sea. The other day I looked on the map where the brook comes from. It suddenly appears not far from here. Next time I’m back I’ll go look for this place.
(Mimi von Moss)

at the L√ľtzelbach
s water rehearses
d drop where stai cave
like the bark in the forest
(Martin Burr)

S water rehearses

Just like us emene old fairy tale book the tie houses at the creek
bar brun red black

and d’amsel sings so beautifully dr brunne rushes
in front of every houus es car

you’re proud
s’last huus with plaster trains us past zyt

i dam harrow hey si bachet
d’begge vo allschwil
the scent of fresh fruit is gone everywhere

mysterious idyll e gmisch us old and new from and local
genuine and false

e gueti mixig to läbe
to dream
resisted constructively.
(Victor Saudan)

Comme sorti d’un livre de contes de f√©es ces maisons √† colombage brun rouge noir au bord de la rivi√®re

le merle qui chante si beau
la fontaine qui murmure
devant chaque maison and car

c’est ici also que se tient fi√®rement la derni√®re maison √† cr√©pi
temoin des temps passés

dans ce coin ils ont petri leur pain
les boulangers d’Allschwil
l’odeur de brioche fra√ģche occupe tout l’espace

idylle √©nigmatique m√©lange d’ancien et de neuf venu d’ailleurs et du cru
vrai et faux

un bon mélange pour vivre
pour rever
pour se révolter de manière constructive.
(Victor Saudan)